Ultimate Boat Shade Kit
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    Please refer to important instructions in the measurement info tab above.


    Fill out the measurements below for your custom price.

  • Aft Measurement Instructions


    1. First, locate the rod holders on the aft of the boat that you would like to use. Take a measurement from rod holder to rod holder.

    2. Second, measure the width at the top of the sun bridge.

    3. Third, measure the horizontal distance from the rear of the console to the rod holders that you choose to use.

    For a printable PDF with a place to record your measurments see link below.

    pdf icon Aft Measurement Guide


  • T-Top’s Ultimate Boat Shade kit is the perfect answer to your need for shade on just about any Cruiser, Sport Fishing Boat or Yacht!

    Whether you’re hanging out at the dock enjoying cocktails, rigging bait or out on the water, you’ll love the protection that the Ultimate shade provides. This will make even the hottest hours of the day enjoyable for all. You can enjoy crusing up to 30 knots with the shade in place and it will be whisper quite. The shade has a patented reflective coating on the topside to reflect up to 75% of UV heat, while blocking out damaging UV rays. The shade kit easily installs in minutes and stows in its own storage bag. The telescoping poles allow you to adjust the shade to the angle of the sun for maximum comfort. If your boat does not have places to attach the webbing straps, we offer suction cups with d-rings for connection points.

    Note:Shade kits are for temporary use while you’re using the boat. They are not designed to be left up permanently. Also, they are not intended to be used as rain protection. They may provide some protection in light rain conditions, however water will saturate through the shade and it will begin to drip.


    T-Top Ultimate Boat Shade Kit Easy Maintenance

    The best way to keep your Ultimate Boat Shade fabric looking good is to spray your cover off with clear water when needed. This helps prevent dirt or bird droppings from becoming deeply embedded in the fabric.

    We recommend that you clean your Ultimate Boat Shade following these simple steps:

    1. Wipe off any loose dirt
    2. Spray with clear water only
    3. Use a soft cotton rag to wipe clean
    4. Rinse thoroughly until all dirt or droppings are removed
    5. Air dry





  • UBSKContents5

    11 T-Top Ultimate Boat Shade made withResFinal

    22 T-Top Telescoping Poles:

    We manufacture our own heavy duty anodized aluminum telescoping poles. We use the same piping that the T-Top frames are made of. The telescope poles adjust from 42 in. to 72 in. and mount into standard rod holders. (2 Poles Included with Kit)

    33 Velcro Clean Up Tabs:

    Included with your kit is a set of 9 - 6” long double sided Velcro strips. These are used after you have installed your Boat Shade kit and the ends of the webbing straps are left hanging. Simply roll the excess webbing strap up and wrap a Velcro strip around it and secure it to webbing connector strap. They can be used for any loose ends.

    44Sea Sucker Suction Cups:

    Our industrial size suction cups are 4-1/2” in diameter and can hold up to 120 lbs. each. Each one has a plastic d-ring that gives our webbing straps a connection point. They are used on hard top boats that do not have frame work for our webbing straps to connect to.

    55Ultimate Shade Kit Carry Bag:

    Your UBSK will be contained quite nicely in the storage provided. It has an over the shoulder strap which makes it easy to carry if you don’t store the shade kit on the boat. It zippers the whole length of the bag making it easy to install or remove the shade kit. The polyester material is lightweight and breathable. The dimension of the bag is 48" x 12" and easily stowes away in the boat.


    Suction Cups:


    The Ultimate Boat Shade Kit is easy to install using existing hardware or utilzing suction cups under or on the sides of your sun bridge. 'Complete Kit with Suction Cups' includes a predetermined amount of suction cups.

    Below is the amount of Suction Cups you will recieve corresponding to your rod holder to rod holder measurement:

    Rod Holder to Rod Holder: 8' to 13' = 5 suction cups.

    Rod Holder to Rod Holder: 14' to 15' = 6 suction cups.

    Rod Holder to Rod Holder: 16' to 17' = 7 suction cups.

    Rod Holder to Rod Holder: 17' or greater = 8 suction cups.

    If you have additional attachment points, the determined amount of suction cups may not be neccassary. The 'Complete Kit without Suction Cups' option allows you to customize the amount cups you will need. (Select 'Complete Kit without Suction Cups' and then add them as needed through the Essential Accessory drop down)


Fill out the measurements below for your custom price.

Ultimate Boat Shade Kit Order Form
Essential Accessories

The Multi-Positional Boat Shade Kit fits the Aft & the Bow of your boat!

Submit the Aft measurments on your boat and the Bow measurment will be calculated from those values. The shade's Bow length from T-Top to rod holders (measurment #3) will be approximately 15 inches greater than the Aft T-Top to rod holders measurment. Rod holders may be needed.                                                                                                            (See Mate Series Rod & Cup Holder in our webstore)

Multi-Positional Shade Installation
AftShader                      BowShaderCopy
When installing the multi-positional shade on the aft (pictured left) it will need to be attached up and under the T-Top, when installing on the bow
(pictured right) you will strap the shade to the front of the T-Top and stretch it forward to either the bow rails (if applicable) or telescoping poles.


Aft Installation: Maintain Tension on the Shade
BSKFraming                  BSKCrossStrap
When installed on the aft of the boat you will have a little excess material because of the length that was added to compensate for the bow.
The extra material is fine and will not sag as long as it's connected properly to maintain tension on the resilience. Some boat models will have
framework (pictured left) to attach to, other's you will need a cross strap (pictured right) in order to install correctly.


Suction Cup: Hard Top Installation
BSKSuctionAttachment points may not be accessable on hard tops for the shade kit to attach to. We recomend Sea Sucker Suction Cups like used above; one on either end of the hard top. You may use a cross strap paired with the suction cups if there are no attachment points at all. In some cases you may need suction cups in the middle to prevent sagging.


Boat Shade Kit installed to the Bow Rails
BSKBowRail If you choose to not utlize our telescoping poles you have other installation options on the bow of your boat. Simply install to the front of your T-Top  and stretch forward to bow rails and/or cleats utlizing the pull tabs on the side of your shade. We sell 5' Webbing Straps (pictured above attached to the cleats) that you can use also.


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